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Jan Surrey's Insight Dialogue Practice group continues:

Insight Dialogue Practice Group
with Jan Surrey, Natalie Eldridge, and Annie Hoffman
January 8, 2017 ~ 9am-12pm
{next date: Jan 29, 2017}
Art and Soul Yoga Studio, 93 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA

The last of the four sessions on social and personal constructions of the multiple dimensions of sexuality will now be held on Jan 8 with Natalie Eldridge, Jan Surrey and Annie Hoffman coleading.

Art and Soul Yoga Studio, 93 Hampshire St, Cambridge, 9-12 AM , Parking available on street

All are welcome to come on Sunday morning, no registration is necessary. Some prior meditation suggested. Any questions: Jan (, 617-966-4898) or Annie Hoffman (

Insight Dialogue brings the mindfulness and concentration of silent meditation into and through engaged relational practice. This Fall we are investigating the intersecting cultural constructions of race, gender, class and sexuality as they create conditions of suffering, privilege and oppression, as well as some relational conditions that may support the possibility of liberation.

Please do come to learn and deepen relational practice....and to join us in this most important work. There will be periods of silent practice, relational practice, and mindful movement for every body. Suggested donation for the studio $15.



Jean Fain has a weekend workshop coming up:

Self-Compassion-Based Eating Awareness Winter Workshop
with Jean Fain and Dara James
January 27-29, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona

Self-Compassion-Based Eating Awareness Training teaches you how to curb overeating, feel your hunger, trust your taste buds and become deeply satisfied with the quality, rather than quantity, of food -- all of which helps you eat less and weigh less without dieting! This workshop is derived from principles of mindfulness meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindful eating teachers Geneen Roth and Jean Kristeller, and self-compassion researcher Kristin Neff. Join us for a weekend rich in self-compassion & mindful eating and learn proven practices for developing a more balanced relationship with food and a sense of inner choice over your eating.

For more information, go to

Jean Fain is a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist and the author of The Self-Compassion Diet. In her Concord, Massachusetts private practice, she treats food, mood and body image issues. Her articles have appeared in Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post, Shape, NPR and more. She has dedicated her work to helping others keep physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

Self-compassion researcher Dara James earned her Master’s degree in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University. In her current work as a Behavioral Health Consultant, Dara is fully committed to practicing what she preaches on self-compassion and mindful eating.



Erica Raynor-Horn is leading a retreat in Washington state:

Awake and Alive: Mindful Living with Cancer Retreat
April 24-28, 2017 (RESCHEDULED from Fall 2016)
Whidbey Institute at Chinook, on Whidbey Island, WA

This life-affirming retreat offers anyone living with cancer the opportunity to explore what it means to live fully awake and alive while facing serious illness. A balanced program of transformative, healing practices gives you practical tools to navigate the emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges of cancer – empowering you to live well in the midst of change and uncertainty.

What to expect:

  • A small intimate group in a safe and nurturing environment that honors and supports each person’s unique journey with cancer.
  • Gentle and insightful mindfulness, stress reduction and loving-kindness practices.
  • Qigong to help you activate and circulate life energy through your body.
  • Opportunities to share in a supportive circle; poetry; ritual; and time alone for rest, self-refection and exploration of the beauty of the old growth forest.
  • Expressive Arts: drawing, music and movement to stimulate imagination and to unlock the the healing power of creativity.
  • Laughter, creativity, celebration, joyful play and delicious, organic, gourmet meals.

Who will benefit?

Anyone with any type of cancer, at any stage, interested in personal healing, growth, and transformation. Caregivers/companions welcome if space allows.

The facilitators:

Erica Rayner-Horn M.A., L.M.H.C.A.— mindfulness-based psychotherapist; instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, meditation instructor, presenter, and workshop leader. Erica is the author of Finding Tranquility - Guided Mindfulness Meditations for Stressful Times, and an upcoming book and audio series on cancer and mindfulness. To learn more, visit

Diana and Kelly Lindsay—authors, speakers, workshop facilitators, and coaches for those in a health crisis and their caregivers. Diana is a Qigong instructor, Kelly a Reiki Master. Program Directors of Healing Circles Langley, a Commonweal program on Whidbey Island. Authors of Something More Than Hope/Something More Than Everything: Surviving Despite the Odds, Thriving Because of Them.

Registration & Information:
Register here



Delia Kostner is leading a seminar at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies:

The Personal is Professional: Buddhist Ethics for Psychotherapy Practice
Thursday, Apr 27, 2017
Instructors: Delia Kostner, Lynette Monteiro
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, Barre, MA

In this seminar we will investigate Buddhist ethics (sila in Pali) within the context of modern Western psychotherapy. Buddhist ethics are not simply a list of “do’s and don’t’s” typical of the prescriptive ethics of our various professional organizations. They are treated as a process and a practice. In fact, the cultivation of our own ethical compass is especially important in the arc of mindfulness-based programs (MBPs) where the cultivation of mindfulness is simultaneously the development of skillful means or ethical postures to our life situation. Can close examination of our behavior and behavioral impulses, thoughts, and affects as they arise in and outside of the therapy hour reveal patterns whereby we might be at risk of engaging in behavior unhelpful to the therapeutic process? Can such “experience near” personal explorations increase the likelihood of engaging in an ethically wholesome manner with our patients? We will examine these questions through lectures, case material and discussion to establish a relationship of this approach to our work in the consulting room. This seminar extends into an optional weekend retreat focused on the cultivation (bhavana) of an ethical framework for mindfulness approaches.

Continuing Education: BCBS will apply to offer CEs for Psychologists and Social Workers for this class. More information will be available here later.
This workshop is designed to meet requirement for Ethics CEU’s for those states that require them for licensure. Please check with your local licensing board to ensure this workshop meets their criteria.

Fee: $75. Scholarships available.

Registration: Please follow this link for instructor bios and registration information.



Douglas Baker is offering this yoga class:

Prana & Presence

Douglas is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, and offers one public yoga class per month, at Samara Yoga in Davis Square, Somerville, the 2nd Friday of each month, at 7:30 pm. The class is a blend of non-competitive mindful yoga, breathwork, and meditation - a great way to cultivate self-regulation and inner connection. No yoga or meditation experience is required. Register online at



Douglas Baker also leads this weekly group:

Buddha Mind Group for Anxiety & Stress

This practice and educational group guides members through the fundamental skills and practices of meditation and mindfulness, as self-regulating practices for anxiety, stress and other challenges. This relaxed, friendly but focused group is a mixture of didactic learning, experiential practice and mutual support among members. No meditation experience is required to join, and all are welcome. Meets weekly in Cambridge and runs for 10 weeks, 90 minutes per meeting. It runs several times each year- contact leader for specific dates. Fee is $50/week. Insurance not accepted. Contact leader: Douglas Baker, LICSW via



New Publications



New from Bill Morgan:

The Meditator's Dilemma: An Innovative Approach to Overcoming Obstacles and Revitalizing Your Practice

When practiced regularly, meditation naturally deepens self-awareness and leads to spiritual insight. In our hyper, instant-gratification culture, however, most people miss out on those powerful outcomes, because it’s hard to commit to a long-term practice. Despite the increasing popularity of mindfulness and its documented mental health benefits, the silent majority of meditators struggle to maintain a regular practice. In fact, research indicates that more than fifty percent of meditators give up on the practice. Through time-tested teachings and exercises, The Meditator’s Dilemma shows you how to deepen your meditation practice while cultivating ease and delight—for both beginners and longtime practitioners.
The Meditator’s Dilemma, written by a psychologist with forty years’ experience practicing and teaching meditation, confronts this problem and its causes and provides specific, accessible techniques and exercises that greatly enhance everyday meditation practice. Bill Morgan’s teachings and guided meditation exercises are designed to generate the all-too-often missing delight and enjoyment in meditation.



New from Christopher Willard:

Growing Up Mindful: Essential Practices to Help Children, Teens, and Families Find Balance, Calm, and Resilience

The American Psychological Association's 2014 survey on stress made an alarming discovery: America's teens are now the most stressed-out age group in the country. Growing Up Mindful shows parents and professionals alike how to model and teach the skills of mindfulness that will empower our youth for the rest of their lives with greater self-awareness, resiliency, and confidence.

While many adults now understand how mindfulness practice helps us alleviate the stress and anxiety of our busy modern lives, getting a typical teenager on board is another story. Dr. Christopher Willard draws on his work with hundreds of young children, tweens, and teens-along with countless hours training parents, teachers, and other counselors-to make the principles and practices of mindfulness accessible, entertaining, and cool for people of all ages and interests. Features dozens of exercises to incorporate mindfulness into daily life (in class, extracurricular activities, among peers), specific meditations and movement practices, compassion training, and more.

Christopher Willard, PsyD, is a Boston-based clinical psychologist and educational consultant specializing in mindfulness and contemplative practices. The author ofChild's Mind (Parallax, 2010) and other books on the topic, Dr. Willard teaches at Harvard Medical School and leads popular workshops around the world. For more information, visit



The newest card deck from Christopher Willard & Mitch Abblett:

Mindful Reminders Card Deck: 52 Powerful Practices for Teens & Adults

Live your life more fully, reduce stress and remove distractions with the Mindful Reminders Card Deck. These 50 simple, yet powerful practices will help you build skills of awareness, compassion and presence for what matters in your daily life. Whether you are new to mindfulness practice, or whether you've been meditating for years, this deck offers fun, accessible reminders for bringing more mindfulness into your life.

* Manage Stress and Anxiety * Improve Focus * Sleep Better *



New from Doug Baker:

Five-Minute Mindfulness: Walking: Essays and Exercises for Mindfully Moving Through the World

More people are hearing about the many health benefits of meditation, but many find it difficult to sit still long enough to give it a real chance. But if you tend to be fidgety, uncomfortable or distracted when you've tried meditation, or can't fit it into your schedule, it doesn't mean you can't meditate.
Douglas Baker’s new book, Five-Minute Mindfulness: Walking is a user-friendly guide to cultivating mindfulness in movement as an alternative and complement to sitting meditation.
This concise, readable book explores mindfulness as a state of mind, and how to develop it through walking. Intended for active people living engaged lives, it offers an introduction to mindfulness and meditation-in-motion, in concise essays meant to be read in about five minutes. The book is paperback and pocket-sized, to make it easy to carry. Readers learn both the ideas and simple practices of mindful walking, and how it helps us better manage moods, stress, anxiety, craving, attention deficits, and other challenges. Through mindful attention, practitioners find they are happier and more accepting, focused, and balanced, while less reactive to stressful events.

The book is available for purchase via the publisher's link to online retailers: It will also be available at some Barnes & Noble stores and at the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge, MA (, among other retailers.